VIP Smiles Dental Floss Picks Mint Flavor (50/box)

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Remove Hidden Bacteria Where Brushing Doesn't Reach Easier And Faster With The VIP Smiles Dental Floss Picks! 

Want to maintain fresh confident breath and a healthier smile? The VIP Smiles Dental Floss Picks are top notch mint flavored flossers that serves as dental floss and a toothpick all in one!  

Not only is the floss smooth, it is extra strong. Unlike some flossers, the VIP Smiles Floss Picks will not tear easily in the middle of your flossing routine which saves you from using more flossers than needed.


What you will enjoy most is that not only is the handle of the flossers easy to grip, the opposite side of the floss can be used as a toothpick to remove food or plaque buildup between your teeth.

Direction for use: Floss

  1. Gently slide floss into the space between the teeth and your gums.
  2. Hold or “hug” the floss against the tooth below the gum line like a “C” to ensure that you don’t injure the gums
  3. Slide the floss up and down in a vertical motion below the gums cleaning the sides of each tooth in the space
  4. Rinse the floss pick with water as needed to keep it clean
  5. Repeat these steps for each tooth in the entire mouth

Direction for use: The Pick

  1. Place the toothpick between the teeth with the “hook” portion pointing up.
  2. Move the pick up and down in a vertical motion above the gums to clean the area where food, plaque, and stains commonly accumulate.