Charcoal Toothbrush With Bamboo Handle

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VIP Smiles Charcoal Toothbrush by Dr. Catrise Austin – Infused with Activated Charcoal -  Removes Stains – Gentle on Enamel to Prevent Sensitivity- Detoxifies Mouth for Healthier Gums and Fresh Breath




The VIP Smiles Charcoal toothbrush excels with its unique, natural teeth whitening properties. The activated charcoal that is infused in the bristles absorbs common stains like coffee, tea, and smoker’s stains from the surface layer of your teeth making them cleaner, smoother, and whiter.  You can use it daily to clean and whiten your teeth.




The VIP Smiles Charcoal Toothbrush absorbs and removes a variety of dangerous compounds from the mouth including gum disease and cavity causing germs as well as toxins. 




The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the activated charcoal will help deodorize the mouth giving you fresh, confident breath! 




Avoid toothbrush products that can irritate your gums and make your teeth sensitive by using soft bristles.  Soft bristles are easy on the gums and teeth, yet still effective……ask any dentist!





Unlike traditional toothbrushes that have plastic or rubber handles, The VIP Smiles Charcoal Toothbrush has a biodegradable handle made of bamboo which is not only 100% natural, but more environmentally friendly.






Simply wet the charcoal toothbrush bristles and then brush your teeth like normal for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The nonabrasive charcoal that is infused in the bristles binds to the stains on your teeth and gently removes them - making your teeth whiter and brighter over time.  As an option, brush with the VIP Smiles activated charcoal powder or your favorite toothpaste.





Discover How to Take Your Smile to the
Next Level – the Natural Way!


Looking for a natural way to make your teeth whiter that doesn’t irritate your gums or make your teeth painfully sensitive?


Then VIP Smiles Charcoal Toothbrush is perfect for you!


Created by Dr. Catrise Austin, New York City’s ‘Dentist to the Stars,’ this activated charcoal toothbrush naturally whitens and brightens teeth.  It’s simple, all you have to do is brush your teeth with it just like you do with toothpaste.


How It Works


Charcoal is a purifying agent that absorbs impurities - like stains on your teeth that are caused by coffee, soda, wine, cigarettes and other things.


With VIP Smiles you get pure activated charcoal - not generic charcoal from hardwood - for maximum effect. This product also:



  • Consists of all-natural ingredients that are easy on the gums (an environment)


  • Fights plaque and helps prevent periodontal disease (and bad breath)



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This quality teeth whitening product is available at a fraction of the cost of many professional teeth whitening options!


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