Celebrity Smile Club

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Pearly White Just Like The Stars with Dentist To The Stars Dr. Catrise Austin!

What’s the true secret behind every celebrity smile? Clean, healthy, and white teeth! When you join my yearly membership club, every 3 months, I will send you just the oral care supplies that you and your family need to keep your smile healthy and pearly white, just like my celebrity clients! 

Never miss a beat and make your dentist totally smile at your next checkup and cleaning visit by keeping up with your daily oral hygiene habits with a fresh supply of products recommended by me!

The perfect solution for:

  • Coffee & tea lovers or smokers who want to fight teeth stains
  • Anyone who has common signs of gum disease like bleeding gums, bad breath, red & swollen gums, and loose teeth
  • Anyone who is looking to maintain a positive image and make a good first impression in person, in pictures, or in videos with clean white teeth
  • Anyone who is looking to take a bite out of costly dental bills by keeping their teeth healthy throughout the year.

The cool thing is…its just $347 for the entire year! ($28.92/month)