Charcoal Book (New Release!)

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Using activated charcoal to whiten teeth can be a great DIY alternative to organically brighten your smile and to bypass the high costs associated with other teeth whitening methods. This book reveals how activated charcoal is an all-natural, purifying agent that absorbs impurities - like stains on your teeth that are caused by coffee, teas, dark soda, wine, dark berries, cigarettes and more.  In this book, we are going to take a closer look at this hot dental and beauty trend to whiten teeth.

This book IS FOR YOU if you’ve heard about charcoal teeth whitening but a bit skeptical.

You have always DREAMED of improving your smile and want to explore the possibilities with charcoal teeth whitening.  You frequently lose sleep because you are concerned or worried about how your smile is holding you back in life.  You are ready to polish your image and take your career, social, or love life to the next level, starting by improving the color of your smile.  You want to command the respect and attention you deserve with a white, healthy, and confident new smile!