Tongue Cleaner With Stainless Steel Case

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Get Fresher Breath, a Healthier Mouth, and Improve Your Taste with the VIP Smiles Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner!

Many people are not aware that in addition to brushing and flossing, tongue cleaning should be an additional step in their daily oral care routine. Why? Because food debris and bacterial plaque can build up and hide in the crevices of the tongue as frequently as that same plaque builds up and sticks on the teeth. This tongue bacteria can lead to bad breath and have a negative impact on your overall oral health. Tongue scraping is a fast and effective way to the surface of your tongue. It’s done with a small, slightly rounded tool made from metal. Many find that using this tool lifts and removes more bacteria from the tongue than just brushing (up to 5x more effective for tongue cleaning than a toothbrush and plastic scraper).

Directions for use:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth, and stick out your tongue.
  2. Gently place the rounded end of the tongue scraper as far back on your tongue as possible without gagging. If you’re worried about gagging due to a gag reflex, you may find it helpful to start at the middle of your tongue. You can gradually start from farther back as you get used to scraping.
  3. Slowly pull the tongue scraper forward, toward the tip of your tongue. You should never push the scraper from the tip of your tongue back. Always go from the back of the tongue to the tip.  If your tongue is not clean, you will see a white, brown, or yellow film of bacteria or debris accumulate on the scraper as you pull forward.
  4. After each scrape, you can use a washcloth or tissue to remove debris from the scraper or rinse with warm water.
  5. Repeat until you’ve scraped the entire surface of your tongue. One to two scrapes across the same area is usually enough.
  6. Wash the tongue scraper with warm water and soap, dry, and store in your case or in a clean, dry area.


Your stainless steel tongue scrapers can be easily sterilized with boiling water or antibacterial solutions.